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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.





PRINCIPAL                                           Mrs Sam Thomas


DEPUTY PRINCIPAL                              Ms Nicolle Paul                          Year 8 & 11

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL                              Mr Liam Hearne                         Year 9 & 12

REL DEPUTY PRINCIPAL                      Ms Jessica Rudd                         Year 7 & 10


SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER               Ms Katrina Rossetti


WELLBEING                                                 Ms Emma Ironside (Head Teacher)


YEAR ADVISERS                                     Year 7          Ms Anna Martin 

                                                                 Year 8         Miss Samantha Kaye

                                                                 Year 9         Miss Emily Davis

                                                                 Year 10        Mrs Sarah Patterson

                                                                      Year 11        Mr Malcom Van Drempt

                                                                      Year 12        Mr Alex Maiden


GIRLS ADVISER                                          Ms Christie Britton/Mrs Hayley Allsop

STUDENT SUPPORT OFFICER                  Mrs Racquel Hassett


SCHOOL COUNSELLORS                             Mrs Belinda McGaw

                                                                          Mrs Lisa Stone

                                                                          Mrs Catherin Thomsen

                                                                          Mr Gavin Thomas


SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY OFFICER             Mr Dane Kroehnert



                                                                            Mrs Christine Cox

                                                                            Mr Robert Crosdale

                                                                            Ms Debbie Fyffe

                                                                            Ms Jodie Hayes

                                                                            Miss Gabrielle Jarvis

                                                                            Mrs Belinda Jeffcoat

                                                                            Mrs Lynn Lumley

                                                                           Mrs Margaret Redman

                                                                           Mrs Cheryl Wills


GENERAL ASSISTANT                                Mr David Pike


SCHOOL HEALTH & SAFETY REPRESENTATIVES          Mr Robert Crosdale/ Ms Katrina Rossetti


ENGLISH DEPARTMENT                       Mrs Lisa Welsh (Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mr Andrew Fenelon

                                                                     Mr Zahn Haslam

                                                                     Ms Emily Heffernan

                                                                     Ms Eliza Jackson

                                                                     Ms Samantha Kaye

                                                                     Mrs Alexandra McLachlan

                                                                     Mrs Katelyn Parrott (HT Contemporary Learning)

                                                                     Mrs Theodora Wirz


MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT              Ms Jessica Rudd (Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mr Elliot Chadwick

                                                                     Mr Carl Derbyshire

                                                                     Mr Blake Flanagan

                                                                     Ms Jovannah Knight

                                                                     Mr Matthew Hunter

                                                                     Mr Heath Shepherd

                                                                     Mr Allistair Unie


SCIENCE DEPARTMENT                        Mr Owen Miller (Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mr Ryan Allen 

                                                                     Mr Stephen Drummond                                                   

                                                                     Mr Will McGovern

                                                                     Ms Bree O’Connor

                                                                     Mrs Tara Wilton

HSIE DEPARTMENT                                Ms Laura Gray (Head Teacher)

                                                                    Mr Bernie Brian

                                                                    Mr Tim Anderson

                                                                    Ms Christie Britton

                                                                    Ms Ashlee Miller

                                                                    Miss Jesse Andrews


CAPA DEPARTMENT                              Mrs Amber Harris (Rel Head Teacher)

                                                                   Mr Luke Barnier

                                                                   Mr Rory Davis

                                                                   Miss Samantha Dyball

                                                                   Mrs Sarah Patterson


LANGUAGES                                            Mr Malcolm van Drempt

CAREERS                                                  Mr Clint Green

TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT              Mr Brad Paul (Rel Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mr Mark Beiers

                                                                     Mr Ray Kelly

                                                                     Mrs Nina Plane

                                                                     Mrs Leanne Stephens

                                                                     Mr Gavin Westwood


PDHPE DEPARTMENT                           Mrs Lauren Mulhearn (Rel Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mr Aaron Bolte

                                                                     Ms Anna Martin

                                                                     Ms Emily Davis

                                                                     Mr Brad Gould


LEARNING & SUPPORT                         Mrs Hayley Allsop

                                                                   Ms Kylie Bridge

                                                                   Mrs Tiarna Fitzgerald

                                                                   Mrs Katie Steele


EAL/D                                                       Mrs Rhonda Rossetti                                                        


Re-Connect Room                               Mrs Sarah Paterson

                                                                   Miss Samantha Dyball 

                                                                   Mr Rory Davis


SUPPORT UNIT TEACHERS                  Mrs Alicia Johnson (Rel Head Teacher)

                                                                     Mrs Sherie Blackman

                                                                     Ms Lisa Lear

                                                                     Mrs Alexander Liversedge

                                                                     Mr Alex Maiden                                                                       

                                                                     Mrs Kara Nevell

                                                                     Mr Scott McKinnon

                                                                     Ms Emily Turpin


SCHOOL LEARNING                                 Ms Kim Anderson                                           Support Unit

SUPPORT OFFICERS (SLSO’S)              Mr Daniel McDonald                                      Support Unit

                                                                     Mrs Melissa Maarschalk                                 Support Unit

                                                                     Miss Angela McGoldrick                                  Support Unit

                                                                     Ms Leonie Saunders                                         Support Unit 

                                                                     Mr Oscar Trenear                                               Support Unit

                                                                     Mrs Kim Ellis-Helmers                                       Mainstream

                                                                     Miss Colleen Greene                                          Mainstream

                                                                     Miss Sarah Jeffcoat                                             Mainstream

                                                                     Miss Maddie Keevill                                           Mainstream

                                                                     Mrs Sheryne Sadler                                            Mainstream

                                                                     Mr Jakob Giles                                                     Mainstream