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Work Experience

Workplace learning programs form part of the NSW secondary school curriculum. They enable students to spend a planned period of time in a workplace of their choice, enhancing their classroom learning, assisting their career choices and building their industry skills. These programs are relevant to all students in NSW public schools.


Workplace learning helps students to:

* test their job and career choices

* engage with the wider community

* complete course work in a relevant industry setting

* learn what employers want in their workforce

* build general work skills like workplace communication, self reliance and team work

* develop specific industry skills

* gain confidence and maturity through participation in an adult work environment

* make informed decisions when planning their transition through school and on to further education, training and work


BEFORE the placement

* Students are required to self-source their own work experience placement with support from the school and their parents or carers.

* Student obtains a workplace learning package of information from Mrs Fitzgerald, which contains the Student Contact Record, Workplace Learning Guide for Parents/Carers and the Workplace Learning Guide for Employers.

* Parent / carer receives workplace learning information and gives their consent by signing and returning forms.

* Parent / carer can contact Mrs Fitzgerald with any queries or concerns.

* Approved copy of the Student Placement Record is returned to the student along with a copy for the host employer, Workplace Learning Safety & Emergency Contact Card and Employer Assessment Report.


Student Placement Form


DURING the placement

* Student attends the workplace everyday of the program.

* Host employer or nominated workplace supervisor(s) supervise the student in the workplace.

* Student is to advise the school and the host employer if they are ill and unable to attend the placement.

* Incidents and issues are to be reported to the school - Mrs Fitzgerald


AFTER the placement

* Host employer reports on the student's performance in the workplace - report is to be returned to Mrs Fitzgerald (green form).

* Student is provided with a Workplace Learning certificate for inclusion in their resume.

* Letter of Appreciation is sent to the host employer. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


When can students undertake workplace learning?

Students can participate in workplace learning programs from the age of 14. Year 9 and 10 workplace learning programs can only operate during term time. Students under 15 years cannot work before 7am or after 6pm.

Workplace learning may be extended into the weekend or after hours for students in years 11 and 12 by approval from the Principal.

Students can not do work experience during school holidays.


Will your child be paid?
No. Students are classified as 'voluntary workers' and host employers are not required to make any payment to them under the Federal & State award covering their industry. Any payment to the student may invalidate the Department's insurance and indemnity arrangements.


What about travel arrangements?

All travel is at the student's expense. You will be expected to assist your child with their travel arrangements and support their travel costs for the duration of the placement. For timetables and other information relevant to public transport, call the Transport InfoLine on 131 500 or check the website



The Department has insurance arrangements for students injured while participating in approved workplace learning, including students injured while travelling directly to or from their placement.


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