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Wellbeing and Support

Lake Munmorah High School Wellbeing and Learning Support

Like all public schools in NSW, Lake Munmorah High School strives to establish a secure learning and teaching environment that promotes the wellbeing, happiness, success, and productivity of our students.

The department is dedicated to crafting high quality learning experiences for children and adolescents. These experiences prioritise wellbeing by nurturing positive and respectful relationships and cultivating a strong sense of belonging within the school and broader community.

Guided by the Wellbeing Framework for Schools, we aim to support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students. This framework enables students to forge connections, achieve success, and flourish throughout their educational journey.

Lake Munmorah High School Learning & Support

The school’s learning and support team plays a key role in ensuring we meet the specific needs of students with additional learning and support needs, including disability.

The team:

  • supports teachers in identifying and responding to the additional learning needs of students.

  • facilitates and coordinates a whole-school approach to improving the learning outcomes of every student.

  • coordinates planning processes and resourcing for students with additional learning and support needs.

  • designs and implements the support required to build teacher capacity so that all students access quality learning.

  • develops collaborative partnerships with the school, parents, and carers, as well as other professionals and the wider school community.

For more information on programs and services to help students with additional learning and support needs visit  Disability, learning and support. 


Lake Munmorah High School Wellbeing Hub

Discover our Wellbeing Hub located in E106, nestled within the back corridor of E block, designed to provide essential support services for students. Here, students can seek guidance from the Head Teacher Welfare, Wellbeing Team, and Student Support Officer, fostering connections and supporting students to engage in the school learning community.

The Hub serves as a venue for structured programs like San Remo Links, Healthy Body Healthy Mind, ASPIRE, Rock & Water, NAME NARRATE NAVIGATE, Chillax, Feeling Fantastic, Creating Chances, Mindfulness, OASIS, Life Changer, DRUMBEAT, Seasons for Healing, and Seasons for Growth. These programs are tailored to cultivate healthy, successful, and productive individuals.

Our primary goal at the Wellbeing Hub is to support students in developing their potential, enhancing their resilience, and ensuring their overall well-being. Students are encouraged to utilize the Hub to acquire valuable strategies for behavior management, resilience-building, and to feel supported throughout their academic journey. Open during class time for students to access staff support with teacher permission. The Hub is also open at break times providing an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and foster social interactions.

Breakfast Club

Join us at LMHS's Breakfast Club, our before-school breakfast program held in our Wellbeing Hub each day of the week. All students are invited to indulge in a selection of breakfast options served from 7:30 am to 7:55 am. Start your day off right by joining us and enjoying some delicious breakfast treats.


Ensuring the wellbeing of all students within the year group is the primary focus of the Year Advisor. Throughout every student’s school journey, there may arise times when they require additional support to navigate the stresses encountered both within and outside of school.


The Year Advisor is available via email, phone call or a planned meeting to assist with various matters, including:

  • Serving as a point of contact for parents seeking clarification or addressing concerns about their child’s wellbeing.

  • Arranging academic work for students during extended absences from school.

  • Providing progress updates on students or arranging meetings with staff as necessary.


Year Advisors

Understanding what is happening in students’ life beyond the school grounds allows our staff to provide the best possible care and support. If you believe an event or ongoing issue may affect your child's well-being or academic performance at school, we encourage you to contact the Year Advisor to discuss this. 

Common issues that may be identified and assessed include:

  • Injuries requiring modified activities or time off from school.

  • Medical conditions impacting learning or general well-being.

  • Family bereavement or serious illness affecting the student.

  • Sudden and unexplained changes in behavior.

  • Family vacations affecting assessments or certain aspects of schooling.

  • Peer-related challenges that may arise.

Your proactive communication with the Year Advisor ensures that we can provide tailored support to address any challenges your child may face, both academically and personally.



Our Year Advisors for 2024

Year 7                                                                              Mr. Alistair Unie


Year 8                                                                              Mr. Alex Rogers 


Year 9                                                                              Mr. Aaron Bolte


Year 10                                                                            Miss Sharna Stephens


Year 11                                                                            Miss Emily Davis


Year 12                                                                            Mrs. Sarah Patterson