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Setting the Standard

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Wellbeing and Support

The Wellbeing Team at Lake Munmorah High is committed to working towards student wellbeing initiatives that promote resilience, self-esteem and self-respect.

Ensuring that the individual wellbeing needs of all students are catered for is our key priority. The WellbeingTeam, are involved in implementing strategies and support programs to cater for the individual wellbeing and educational needs of all students.

HEAD TEACHER WELLBEING              Ms E. Ironside



Year 7            Mr Blake Flanagan                Assistant - Miss Anna Martin

Year 8            Miss Samantha Kay              Assistant – Miss Emily Heffernan

Year 9            Miss Emily Davis                   Assistant – Miss Sharna Stephens 

Year 10          Miss Sarah Patterson            Assistant – Mr Rob Johnson

Year 11          Mr Malcolm van Drempt      Assistant – Mrs Bree O'Connor

Year 12          Mr Alex Maiden                      Assistant – Mrs Alex Liversedge


GIRLS' ADVISER                            Mrs Christie Britton/Mrs Hayley Allsop                                                                                                         



SCHOOL COUNSELLORS                Mrs Catherin Thomsen

                                                             Mrs Lisa Stone

                                                             Mrs Belinda McGaw

                                                             Mr Gavin Thomas


STUDENT LEADERSHIP COORDINATOR            Tim Anderson/Eliza Jackson


If you have a question or concern regarding the wellbeing of your child during their time at Lake Munmorah High School please contact a member of the wellbeing Team via the school office on (02) 4358 1411 or via email on




HT Wellbeing Mrs Emma Ironside

Year 7 Adviser - Blake Flanagan

Year 8 Adviser - Samantha Kaye

Year 9 Adviser - Emily Davis

Year 10 Adviser - Sarah Patterson

Year 11 Adviser - Malcolm van Drempt

Year 12 Adviser - Alex Maiden