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Social Media Safety

Being safe on social media

Please find below informative e-books and information on how to stay safe while using social media.

There are guides to all of the major social media sites and also some minor ones.

These can be a valuable resource for parents and students.

New information / pamphlets will continually be added to our website.

LMHS Facebook Guide 2018 (pdf 5978 KB)

LMHS Instagram Guide 2018 (pdf 3096 KB)

LMHS Musically Guide 2018 (pdf 1063 KB)

LMHS Roblox Guide 2018 (pdf 1376 KB)

LMHS Snapchat Guide 2018 (pdf 2205 KB)

LMHS SoS Sarahah Guide 2018 (pdf 1111 KB)

LMHS Youtube Guide 2018 (pdf 2059 KB)

Sos Cheat Sheet (pdf 372 KB)

SoS Cheat sheet Location (pdf 1973 KB)

SoS Cheat Sheet #Hashtags (pdf 578 KB)

SoS Cheat Sheet Recommended (pdf 859 KB)

SoS CS - Cyberbulling (pdf 1467 KB)

SoS CH - Sexting (pdf 203 KB)

SoS CS - Social Media Tips (pdf 603 KB)