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Setting the Standard

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Aboriginal Education

At Lake Munmorah High School, we continue to improve the wellbeing and educational outcomes of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students so that each student can achieve their personal best in all aspects of their education. This term Mr Quigg has started a new position as Head Teacher Aboriginal Education & Transitional Pathways. He works out of Tracey’s Place which is located at the bottom of E block. His role will include the following:

  • Improving the educational outcomes and wellbeing of our Aboriginal students so that they excel and achieve in every aspect of their education.
  • Increasing staff cultural competency through organisation of staff professional learning opportunities.
  • Ensure collaborative decision making with Aboriginal peoples, parents and carers, families and our communities.
  • Meet the learning needs and support the cultural knowledge and identity of every Aboriginal student at LMHS.
  • Ensure that every Aboriginal student at LMHS is known, valued and cared for.

This term’s focus will be on Personalised Learning Pathways (PLPs) and increasing attendance. Our staff are in the process of developing a PLP with each student and we encourage parents and carers to attend the upcoming ‘Yarn up’ BBQ (Monday 21st June) to discuss their child’s PLP. These plans are designed to assist students with their engagement and interest in school.

Other areas of focus will include retention and increasing HSC attainment, assisting students through transition points (e.g. Year 6 into 7, Year 10 into 11), increasing student engagement in class and providing regular ongoing support for all of our Aboriginal students. We encourage parents, carers, families and our community to be involved in collaborative decision-making for the benefit of our students’ ongoing growth and achievement. To get involved, you can attend one of the upcoming P&C meetings, Muru Bulbi AECG meetings or contact Mr Quigg on (02) 4358 1411.